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Note: Item pictured is sample from same time period and not the actual sale item.
The Liberty Cap large cent was a type of large cent struck by the United States Mint from 1793 until 1796.  Designed by Joseph Wright, the coin features an image of the goddess of Liberty and her accompanying Phrygian cap.
Due to the differences in dies used to produce these coins, there are over one hundred known varieties from each year. Some of these include the absence of the pole that supports the cap, or differences in the size and shape of the numbers in the date. Each of these varieties greatly influences the value of the coin for collectors.
  • Average Circulated will include coins with some discolorations or spots, cleaning, small dings, scratches, and/or worn rims.
  • Fine Coins are undamaged, full rimmed pieces, no harsh or modern cleaning (some may have been gently cleaned over 50 years ago)
  • Extra Fine show only slight traces of wear, never cleaned.
  • Uncirculated is MINT STATE, exactly as the coins left the mint. They may have experienced some NATURAL TONING or small bag marks due to handling between the mint and banks
  • Proof Coins are specially issued and manufactured as display pieces


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LARGE CENT, LIBERTY CAP (1794 - 95)  - F


Regular price $ 1,075.00
Sale price $ 1,075.00 Regular price
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