SC Scarce 1914 silver Barber Half VG++ (LIY Liberty showing) Full Rim Free S&H!

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Scarce 1914 silver Barber Half VG++ (LIY Liberty showing) Full Rim gr8 Free S&H!.

Extremely fairly priced, look at attached PCGS and photo-grade guide info. A”10” goes for $285- our price very competitive and you can make a fair offer if you like!

Great shape for a centenarian! Rim has normal markings from long circulation time. Including Teeny weeny “RingDings” (Rim Ding) near 12 o’ clock obv above D in G-D, and first star near 2 o’ clock (that one probably is a minting error) plus a small cud 11:30 o’clock reverse; and,

Nice shield detail, “e pluribus unum” intact on ribbon in Eagle’s beak. Great Facial features clearly depicted on Ms. Liberty,

(Or, nowadays MMTTI: Mr/Ms/they/them/it and/or LGBTQIA and WXYZ and why not?!? - BBB: b best u can b; so sorry if I left any thing/body out- let’s just include AEU all entities in our universe to be fair it#%^*+=&… don’t get me started )

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