“Ran-dime” silver lot Face Value 50 cents. all coins 60 years old! #B0 Free S&H

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“Ran-dime” silver coin lot Face Value 50 cents. all coins over 60 years old!.

Important Note: You are guaranteed NOT to receive the exact coins pictured in this listing BUT you WILL receive coins similar (to the first 4 photos) in COMPOSITION & value, quantity and quality.

IF You DON’T like Surprises please DO NOT bid!

No returns on these lots!

Random Dime lot- mostly silver US Dimes over 60 years old in average circulated condition.

[Hoarded by “Old Man Duffy” prior to 1975]

You MAY or may NOT receive a Buffalo or old Liberty “V” nickel WITH date (some have partial but legible dates)

All lots will consist of six (6) random US coins.

Most will be DIMES

At least 4 silver coins included

At least 50 cents face Value

At least 1/2 ounce metal weight, mostly comprised of SILVER!

One of the Best BARGAINS on eBay!

Competitive offers (for 3 to 4 silver dimes) on eBay and other platforms can exceed our listings’ prices by a factor of up to 5 times as much!

There are many similar lots listed on JEM’s & GEMS. Please bid often and on multiple lots!

Bidders winning multiple lots will get EXTRA bonuses to cover duplication in shipping charges, etc. Bonus coins may or MAY not contain silver. Most bonus items comprise of world coins