Nice Lincoln Set Collection 1909-1940 Almost Complete

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Up for Auction a nice set of Lincoln Cents ranging in condition from AG almost good (only a few) to brown Uncirculated

Missing Dates: only 7

1909 S vdb,    1909 S,     1910 S,

1914 D,  1915 D,  1931 S,  1933 D

Has included

1909 vdb, VG to Fine

1911 S, AG

1912 S. AG

1913 S, Good

1914 S, Good

1915 S, Good

1922 D, Good

1924 D, very good

1926 S, Good

1931 D, very good

Plus many more great dates in teens, twenties, and thirties

68 coins total

But Wait!

There's a 2nd album included as well-

See the pictures 51 old Lincoln cents 1909 to 1940 including many mint marked pieces

Also a free Steel Cent to round off the coin count to an even 120 total

We figure a conservative value to this deal will exceed 250 easily

That is a great opportunity. We're starting off at a fraction of the cost $109

Good Luck