Lot Of 2 Random American $1 Silver Eagle 1oz Very Slight Tarnish No Dmg Free S&H

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Random Year American $1 Silver Eagle 1 oz Coin May Have Slight Tarnish No Damage.

Important: 2 coins per each offer

Read the print Ad in 2nd to last photo. We are matching the offer in lots of 2 @ $36.99 each = 73.98 per pair!

All the big boyz (competitors) are charging around $40 per piece for small lots, we are way lower!

>>> see the last photo/ competition Ad for DAMAGED items, ours have NO damages (may have spots or slightly tarnished tho)

They charge $42.36 per piece - a whopping 15% over our offers; and no bonus included!!!

We will match the 36.99 bargain basement unit price & include the free items that are offered with every order!

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**Extra Bonus (on top of above bonuses) silver coin with every winner/purchase until Nov 15

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