Lot KG 150 Yr Old US Silver Coins 1 Kilogram Weight Mix Dates Mostly 90% Low S&H

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Lot of up to 150 Year Old US Silver Coins Over 2.67 pounds TROY Weight Coins Mixed Dates Mostly 90%.   All coins are silver. Most of the lot will be 90%. Silver nickels and 40% half dollars can be included. Lots will have 90% half dollars or least 1 US silver dollar, especially multiple lots. Minimum 1000 grams (approximately 35.3 avoirdupois oz per lot) Face value minimum $35 US

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**Note: because of their relatively large size, silver nickels contain almost as much pure silver as silver dimes, not bad at all!

Each lots will DEFINITELY have a 90% at least a half OR Silver Dollar, plus coins dated in the 1800’s. There are uncirculated and proof coins mixed into the batch, NO guarantee that you will receive. Mixed mints but mostly Philadelphia. No guarantees on which mint marks you get.

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