G Duffy’s Lot 1/2 ROLL (25)1909-58 LINCOLN WHEAT CENTS Unsearched +Antique100 Yr

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Nice seasoned lot. 25 pieces are Unsearched from wheat cent bulk bags. Plus 1 coin from the antique over 100 year old treasure box. Some of the antique coins are silver! Some of the wheat cents are steel war cents. Good Luck & Enjoy!

I acquired and cared for remnants of this hoard for almost 50 years. 

Slowly I have been moving some of these unique items and people are very inspired and glad to be part of the history. 

Who’s next!?

Old Man Duffy was a wise cracking and adorable fixture at the Flatbush Y. My dad and Duffy used to always yell at blind Richie and all the boyz for never putting those crazy 45 and 100 pound weights back on the rack. 

Duffy worked out every day of his life until final his debilitating illness prevented from doing so. He always had wise words and made everyone in the gym laugh so hard that it was a workout hazard!

Much of his legacy was spent on ice creams and candy when the great-grandkids found jars of old coins in the attic. 

Predictably, the family was in an uproar when they realized that many of these old dusty coins were little treasures. After discovery, the great majority of the real good stuff went under the hammer at the big auction houses. 

I had the opportunity of a lifetime by purchasing the “rejects” in exchange for my lifetime savings! (It wasn’t a heck of a lot as I was about 20 years old at the time) This opportunity brought to you by Mr Senan Duffy- the wise old coin pincher that only paid in full dollars and never spent a coin in his life!